Ground Level


Hidden Room

Design Critic: Jennifer Bonner

Studio: GSD/Core 1: Project_Fall 2016

This project requires designing a series of five rooms, where one of the them is hidden. 4+1 exercises one's subjective perception of the space versus its objective reality. With columns and walls, design revolves around moving one through some particular walls and parallel along the hallways. The five walls create a sequence of four hallways, and the hidden room is within the middle wall. Formally, the design plays with the variations of wall's thickness but still creating the same hallway's dimension. In some instances, the columns would merge into the wall, in some they stand seemingly indifferent. 

Sub Level
Columns, Markers, Radial Concavity
Projecting Plans
Physical Model

Three column types:

Miesian cross columns in each of the hallway mark radii that generate important thresholds into the walls 


Rectilinear columns magnetize out and into the cross columns, shaping the desired direction, moving in and out of the hallway


Round columns detach them selves from some of the walls, echoing the 

deformation on the walls. 

Site Axon
Conceptual Model