Lobby / Ground Level
Columbarium / Sub Level

Axial Light 

Urban Sanctuary​

Design Critic: Benjamin Peterson

Studio: WIT/Spring 2013

Site: South End Burying Ground Boston, MA

Award: Boston Society of Architects (BSA) Student Design Showvcase 2013

Morpholio Pinup 2014, Honorable Mention

Exhibited at Wentworth Architecture Department

A contemplative space that allows users to reflect or meditate on the ephemeral qualities of light and the passage of time The concept of this project is to use light to articulate visibility of mass and the absence of mass and to create a narrative from horizontal space to a vertical threshold. The absence of masses can be seen around the volumes of residential buildings. This information is translated into a vertical language for the design.

The narrative begins from a columbarium space, beneath the

ground where there are strips of light and a light tunnel that allows direct visibility towards the sky. This connection between the earth and sky creates a promise of a mediated experience

moving upward in between the skins of the light tunnel and finally be exposed on the observation deck, where one’s experience is divorced from the dark columbarium and the tightness of the

upward circulation.