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Hydraulic Infrastructure

Competition EntryFoundation Jacques Rougerie's Innovation and Architecture for the Sea

Design in collaboration with

Pablo Rivera

Reinterpreting an infrastructure landscape into a place-less, scale-less condition to create an immediate relationship between people and the sea.

The infrastructure landscape, such as a highway system, responds directly to the context of an urban fabrication. The

context of place shapes this landscape and remains a static reference point of its inhabitants, creating familiarity in moving from one point to another.

Loop is about a scale-less landscape existing in a place-less condition. One has no prejudice of their context, creating a strong desire to understand the surrounding: the sea.

Physical interaction within each loop generates an intuitive understanding of the sea and different phenomenal experiences through different senses: sight, hearing, smell, and touch.

The inner parameter of each loop consists of controlled ecosystems that are used for scientific studies.

View from above
Exhibition Gallery
Observation Space
View from below