exhibits at Strauss gallery,

Dartmouth College, Jan -March 2015

Firm: Studio Z

Principal/Supervisor: Zenovia Toloudi

Role: graphic visualization, 

3D modeling

metamaquette exhibits Zenovia Toloudi’s research about installation as an investigation tool in architectural practice. The exhibition communicates through large scale physical models, and visual graphics. The main pieces of the exhibition are Blanket, Mirco-Ceasefire Under Shadow, and Photodotes III: Plug-n-Plant.

Blanket formalizes a geometry in which can flexible and rearrange to be site specific, and reflect its immediate

context. The geometry is composed of multiplying a generic triangle.

Photodotes III: Plug-n-Plant explores relationship between architecture,

technology, light, and plants. It is a spatial element that bring light into the space and is made out of living


Mirco-Ceasefire Under Shadow mimics the spatial quality of casted shadow from

a tree. It is aimed to bring this characteristic into an urban street-scape.