Something Floating 

exhibits at 1961 gallery,

Siem Reap, Cambodia

April - June 2016

Design in collaboration

with Gregory Jimmie

Published on: Phnom Penh Post ,

Cambodia Daily

Something Floating is a solo exhibition, 

exploring the temporary quality of a space. The installation aims to create an intimacy between people and the surrounding space, using spatial experience to literally and figuratively tell a story.

The two surfaces narrate the dialogue between the Little Prince and the Geographer from The Little Prince novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The negotiation between the two characters discusses over the validity of permanent geographical features: mountains, oceans, and desserts, versus the unimportant temporariness of a flower. The Little Prince’s flower is condemned as ephemeral, a running theme

throughout the novel.

The debate between permanency and ephemera echoes the debate within contemporary architecture. The 

expansion and shift of practice in architecture from designing building to designing temporary pavilion and installation brought about unprecedented questions. Does architect still aspire to design building of great permanence like 

Angkor Wat, (the geographer’s mountain, oceans, and desserts)? Or there is the beauty in the fleeting moments of the presence, like those of a live 

performance (the Little Prince’s flower)?

1250 individual transparent strings construct the ephemeral structure, holding aggregated pieces that generate two surface layers – the “new ceilings”. The geometry of the new ceilings is 

formulated by the length variations of the strings. The concave and convex composition of these surfaces generates different pockets of space that encourage various behaviors: walking through, standing, sitting, and lying down. The space exists in between the two surfaces, however, is undefined.


Photo credit (one photo above): Loven Ramos