Concept Fragment
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Water Machine 

An Infrastructure for

Laundromat and Bathhouse

Design Critic: Elizabeth Christoforetti

Studio: GSD/Core 2: 

Situate_Sping 2017

Site: Downtown Boston, MA

The project situates itself in the tension between domestic and mechanic, leisure and utility. The aim of this club is to take advantage of the water cycle between two contrasting programmed spaced of a Laundromat and a bathhouse, and rethink the relationship between human and machinery infrastructure. The closed-loop cycle of water usage reexamines the experiential sequence of cleaning –Laundromat for the clothes, bathhouse for the body.


Both the Laundromat and the bathhouse are intrinsically extrovert and introvert. They provide a public platform for private programs. The windows are used to mediate between these two realms. In the larger tension between domestic and mechanic, windows are used to mediate in three categories, between human-machine, machine-machine, and human-human.

Fragment #1 

Human - Human


The vertical windows connect ground and first floor. Th path snakes around from the public space into the lobby on the first floor, connecting two human interaction spaces.

Fragment #2 

Machine - Machine

Window is purely utilitarian. It is the inner mechanic pipes, circulating water from the water tank to the washers.

Fragment #3 

Machine - Human

Here, the window operates on two levels. One, as a readymade window of the washing machine. Two, the framed columns that hold the machines, choreographing human circulation and performing laundry errands.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
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Section 2
Section 3
Human - Machine
Machine - Machine